Fluffy Ruffles is a raw funk trio formed in 2018, consisting of Chris Stöger on drums, Luki Pamminger on short scale bass and Lukas Häfner on baritone guitar. The band is influenced by musical traditions including funk, deep funk and fluffy funk. Their live performances are highly energetic, improvised and most importantly always fluffy! 




MAR 7th 2020   //   Regensburg, Degginger

MAR 13th 2020   //   Töging, Schutzraum

MAR 14th 2020   //   Übersee, Freiraum

MAR 15th 2020  //   Straubing, Raven

MAR 21st 2020   //   Viechtach, Spital

JUL 19th 2020   //   Gauting, Kulturspektakel

AUG 21st 2020   //   Übersee, Freiraum

AUG 22nd 2020   //   Altötting, Plattenzimmer


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